All professional services are personally provided by Eileen Macam-Manalo.

Eileen Macam-Manalo is an accomplished and experienced dermatologist from the Philippines. She left a busy and rewarding practice in 2004  when she and the children migrated to the US to join her husband who at that time was in residency training to become a physician.

She had the foresight of obtaining a degree in nursing prior to the move.  A decision that she thought would enable her to pursue her passion after the children are settled and accustomed to their new environment.  After all, she is first and foremost a dedicated wife and mother to her three children. She juggled her time between her family and regular participation in continuing  medical education for personal advancement.

Total Derm Aesthetic Center LLC  is established to  showcase her expertise in skin care. She is a registered nurse with current and active license in California. She is also certified in aesthetics.