I always thought that skin care would cost me an arm and a leg.... Until I met Eileen Manalo in Roseville, Ca -- a licensed doctor of medicine in the Philippines and a certified esthetician in California. Eileen knew exactly the treatments I needed. She provided me with a skin care package that was affordable and most importantly would address my facial skin concerns. After amazing, state-of-the-art treatments like epidermabrasion with glycolic acid peel, epidermabrasion with collagen stem cell mask, and ferrulac treatment I already saw a lot of improvement on my face. I no longer have frequent rashes on my cheeks, my skin lightenned and became supple and soft. Eileen is also so accommodating. She calls to check on me after each treatment and she even gives me written and verbal instructions on do\'s and dont\'s after each treatment. I definitely recommend Dr. Eileen!

Cristine C.       Roseville, CA. 


I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Eileen of Total Derm Aesthetic. She is very knowledgeable, professional and knows what she's doing. I find her to be honest and reliable. After three visits I feel that my skin is revitalized. 

Merlina D.       Roseville, CA   


Total Derm Aesthetic Center is great, this place is a hidden gem! I LOVE Eileen, she is the absolute best! With her extensive knowledge in dermatology she goes above and beyond to make you feel relaxed and get the best results in skin treatment. I had a glycolic acid peel, with collagen stem cell mask treatment. it is amazing!  My skin is glowing and become soft and supple. After the second treatment I felt that she took years off of my face. I wouldn't go to ANYONE else for facials. If you haven't been there, you HAVE to go. It's absolutely the best experience for a facial treatment!
Victoria U.       Roseville, CA
I have noticed huge improvements all over my face and I am so glad I did it! Every treatment is better each  time I come in.  
Levi H.            Roseville, CA
Eileen is very personal and cares about her clients. I enjoy her personality and learning the right way to care for my face. Eileen has given me new confidence. My skin is already looking super!  I look forward to future visits and will tell others about her. Eileen is the best! She is also very professional!
Michele E.